Listful thinking

The Lists

Every year on my birthday I write a list of things to do in the next year.  There are no rules, except that the list has to be as long as the number of years that I’m turning and I need to know when a list item can be crossed off. The list tends to be a mixture of personal and work-related items, low hanging fruit and things that are more of a challenge. I haven’t yet managed to complete a list and some items have moved from one year to the next without ever being crossed off.  I always try and put the list on my computer desktop, so that I see it everyday and am inspired (or guilted) into working on the items. Below are the lists to date.

27 Things

27 things

28 Things

28 things

29 Things

29 Things

30 Things

30 things

31 Things

31 things

32 Things

32 things

33 Things

33 things

34 Things

34 things

35 Things

35 things

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