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34 things in photos – October

It’s been a pretty crazy month, with lots happening on the work front, but I managed to cross a few things of the list. The big challenge for October was wearing a dress every day, which turned out to not actually be that difficult. In fact, I think I have now trained myself out of being scared of dresses! We’ll see how long that lasts!

October highlights include:

  • Successfully completing Frocktober (#29)
  • Finishing knitting my infinity scarf – just a shame it’s not really scarf weather any more (#19 & #33)
  • Getting three(!) papers accepted into journals (I wrote about one over on my research blog) (#7)
  • Started playing around with my new old bikes (#23 – there’s still a lot of work to do)
  • Getting the cutest children’s book about penguins from a friend
  • Spending 2.5 weeks in Perth with the lad
  • Going camping with the new “swent” – a fancy double swag that’s big enough to almost qualify as a tent (#34)
  • Checking out the historic Freemantle Prison
  • Experimenting with taking star photos
  • One Wildlife Wednesday post (#30)

Unfortunately, there were three days when I forgot to take photos for the 365 day photo challenge. I think being in a different place, and working stupidly long hours at the same time, meant that I just simply forgot (It wasn’t that I got locked in a closet like one of my friends suggested!). I may have slightly cheated for one of those days and created an image after the fact but I think it’s a fair representation of the what the day was like!

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34 things in photos – September

Wow – how did September get to be over already?!  Another month that has flown by in what seems to have been an incredibly busy year.  This month I’ve been to four different cities in Australia and spent a lot of time in airports.  But I’ve also cruised the Brisbane River, hung out with water dragons, eaten a lot of pizza, got some new slippers, met some friendly firemen, spent time in the garden, made friends with a butterfly, fed some ducks, bottled homegrown olives, had a few beers and been out on my bike.

I’ve also managed to remember to take a photo every day this month.  Here’s a pictorial summary of September 2013.

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