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35 Things

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Every year on my birthday, I write a list of things to do in the coming year. The length of the list corresponds to the age that I’m turning, so it gets progressively longer.  This is the list of 35 Things.  You’ll note that some of the items have been crossed off already.  That’s because my birthday is in August – I’m a bit slow on the old blog-updating! I’m always up for help crossing things off, so let me know if there is something you want to do.

  1. Ride the Great Divide
  2. Bike Around the Bay
  3. Do an overnight trip on the Munda Biddi trail
  4. Go to Alice Springs
  5. Restore my old bicycle
  6. Move to Perth
  7. Submit a Strategic Assessment paper
  8. Make a softie for Zac
  9. Publish an Adelie paper
  10. Submit the whio BRT paper
  11. Find a job
  12. Make an Antarctic photobook
  13. Take a crafty course
  14. Learn a new modeling technique
  15. Write a Decision Point article
  16. Do some kite photography
  17. Bike to Freemantle for dessert
  18. Sew an item of clothing
  19. Buy new swimmers
  20. See a wombat in the wild
  21. Write a blog post for the Adelie paper
  22. Ride 1000km in 30 days
  23. Get a pet BOB
  24. Buy a bike packing tent
  25. Go to Rottnest Island
  26. Go to an outdoor cinema
  27. See Antarctica: a Year on Ice
  28. Take a cooking class
  29. Go to the theatre
  30. Make cold brew coffee
  31. Go on a summer roadtrip
  32. Do Meatless March
  33. Go to Melbourne Zoo
  34. Go on a monthly adventure (SONDJFMAMJJA)
  35. Do some monthly craftiness (SONDJFMAMJJA)

35 things

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