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34 things in photos – October

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It’s been a pretty crazy month, with lots happening on the work front, but I managed to cross a few things of the list. The big challenge for October was wearing a dress every day, which turned out to not actually be that difficult. In fact, I think I have now trained myself out of being scared of dresses! We’ll see how long that lasts!

October highlights include:

  • Successfully completing Frocktober (#29)
  • Finishing knitting my infinity scarf – just a shame it’s not really scarf weather any more (#19 & #33)
  • Getting three(!) papers accepted into journals (I wrote about one over on my research blog) (#7)
  • Started playing around with my new old bikes (#23 – there’s still a lot of work to do)
  • Getting the cutest children’s book about penguins from a friend
  • Spending 2.5 weeks in Perth with the lad
  • Going camping with the new “swent” – a fancy double swag that’s big enough to almost qualify as a tent (#34)
  • Checking out the historic Freemantle Prison
  • Experimenting with taking star photos
  • One Wildlife Wednesday post (#30)

Unfortunately, there were three days when I forgot to take photos for the 365 day photo challenge. I think being in a different place, and working stupidly long hours at the same time, meant that I just simply forgot (It wasn’t that I got locked in a closet like one of my friends suggested!). I may have slightly cheated for one of those days and created an image after the fact but I think it’s a fair representation of the what the day was like!

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