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It’s that time of year again – time for a new list. Every year since 2007 I’ve written a list of X things to do while I’m X years old.  It seems to have rolled around awfully fast this year but here is my list of 34 things to do in the next year. Some of these I’ve managed to cross off already, some should be relatively straightforward but others I’ll definitely need some help with (#9 springs to mind!)

1. Take Hamish to Antarctica
2. Go to London
3. Take underwater photos of penguins
4. Go cycle touring
5. Compete in a road bike race
6. See the map that changed the world
7. Submit a unimelb paper
8. Learn a new skill
9. Become an aunt
10. Take a crafty class
11. Take a proper holiday
12. Go to the theatre
13. Climb a 15 route outside
14. Ride to Fremantle for dessert
15. Go to an outdoor cinema
16. Find the perfect pair of pants
17. Go to the Pilbara
18. See a wombat in the wild
19. Finish knitting the infinity scarf
20. Learn to do metapopulation modeling
21. Submit a whio paper
22. Write an Antarctic fieldwork blog series
23. Fix up my new old bike
24. Submit a sturgeon paper
25. See a whale shark
26. Take part in a charitable activity
27. Go tramping in Tasmania
28. Take a mountain bike skills course
29. Do The Frocktober Challenge
30. Keep up Wildlife Wednesday
31. Take a photo every day of the year (SONDJFMAMJJA)
32. Get a gym program and actually do it for at least two months (SONDJFMAMJJA)
33. Do something crafty at least once a month (ONDJFMAMJJA)
34. Do something adventurous at least once a month (SONDJFMAMJJA)

I’ll try and post an update on how the list of 33 things went soon.  But in the meantime, here’s the daily photo challenge (#31) photos for August.  I’ve only managed to miss one day (admittedly day two which was a bit useless!)

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